Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monsoon themed handmade invitation card for kitty parties / ladies meet

Hey everyone,
                 I'm sharing today, some pics of a monsoon themed invitation card I made, long, very very long ago.......Those were my beginner days(I'm still there..........LOL) , so please excuse my skills........:)
                  The theme given to me for that party was "Monsoon".So I thought of rainbows and butterflies and some teeny meeny blossoming flowers.This can also be used for a "Rainy season theme party" or "Rainbow themed party" or "Rain shower theme party".So here is the attempt.

 The envelope was fairly simple and down to earth with some sequins at the corners.But I again used a cocktail umbrella,opened it up and glued it to the envelope which gave it a beautiful 3 D appearance and was the highlight of it....... It made the presentation eye catching.

And here is another pic.It's funny ,I don't remember making so many.

And the final pic,of both the card and the envelope.....

Hope you enjoyed.
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Until next time,
Take care.


  1. Thanks for posting this. Your blog is so interesting and very informative. Definitely a great piece of work.




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